GoodPop Expands No Added Sugar Product Range

GoodPop announced the release of its two new, no added sugar Junior Pops – Mango & Strawberry.

Since launching its line of Junior Pops in 2018, featuring best-selling flavors Cherry n’ Lemonade and Orange Cherry Grape, GoodPop become the best-selling fruit pop brand at Whole Foods Market. GoodPop’s Junior Pops are made with 100% fruit juice and never any high fructose corn syrup, alternative sweeteners or artificial flavors and dyes.

Each box of Mango pops contains 2 whole mangos and each box of Strawberry pops contains 11 whole strawberries.

“We’ve set out to recalibrate kids’ taste buds which have been trained by big and small food companies to crave food that’s too sweet,” says Daniel Goetz, CEO and founder of GoodPop. “Not only will we help parents and kids alike appreciate fruit for being perfectly sweet, we’re also hoping to shine a light on the industry to show families that some products, often touted as healthy treats with fresh, whole fruit on its packaging, are full of unnecessary sugar.”

Another recent GoodPop launch, Mini Cans, is made from exclusively fruit juice and bubbly water, it’s a no added sugar and shelf-stable lunchbox staple. Through sales of its Junior Pop, Mini Can and Freezer Pop products, GoodPop removed 1M pounds of added sugar (the equivalent of 40 school buses) from kids’ diets just last year, according to a company statement.

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