International FoodTec Award 2024 Presented at Anuga FoodTec

The renowned international FoodTec Award 2024, the leading award for food technology, was presented at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and its trade partners.

A total of 14 innovation projects from the global food and supplier industries were honoured. Four of these pioneering developments received the International FoodTec Award in gold, while ten more were distinguished with the silver medal.

“The International FoodTec Award is an important form of recognition for pioneering developments in the industry. These innovations play a decisive role for the future of the food and beverage industries and demonstrate the commitment of our exhibitors to sustainable and efficient solutions,” said Matthias Schlüter, director of Anuga FoodTec.

The International FoodTec Award honours pioneering developments in the fields of innovation, sustainability and efficiency in food technology. An international jury of experts from research, teaching and practice selects the most advanced concepts. This award, conferred every three years, which is presented in the form of gold and silver medals, underlines the commitment of the industry to continual improvement and Innovation.

“Your future-oriented innovation demonstrates impressively that a spirit of progress and ingenuity coupled with the highest degree of the art of engineering is always in a position to overcome technological hurdles and to reveal new potential with respect to sustainability and efficiency,” commented DLG Vice President, Prof. Katharina Riehn.

International FoodTec Award 2024 in gold

Prizewinners and their innovations:

ANDRITZ Separation GmbH, Germany
ANDRITZ-Turbex: upgrading of food byproducts through cavitation extraction in the counter-current area
Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach a. d. Riß, Germany
ConProSachet-System: sustainable packaging of alginate
hs-tumbler GmbH, Quakenbrück, Germany
Trajectory mixer
watttron GmbH, Freital, Germany
SRHH: digital sealing solution for sustainable and efficient dairy and food packaging

International FoodTec Award 2024 in silver

Prizewinners and their innovations:

Lyras, Aalborg, Denmark
Raslysation technology: UV-based alternative process for the pasteurisation of opaque liquids that preserves quality and is sustainable
VETEC Anlagenbau GmbH, Verden/Aller, Germany
AEROMAT CROSS POWER: transverse current principle – innovation of horizontal air conveyance
TOMRA Sorting GmbH, Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany
Foreign Material Identification (FMID) &. TOMRA Insight: identification of foreign bodies powered by artificial intelligence
Unison Process Solutions, Limerick, Ireland
HEIST (Heat Exchanger Integrity Self Test System):
Automatic testing system for plate and pipe heat exchangers
tsenso GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
FreshIndex: digital quality assurance for fresh products
Grasselli SPA, Albinea (RE), Italy
KSL-DV: individualised horizontal cutting machine for fresh meat
Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG, Stuttgart, Germany
All-in-one – cutting drum with universal grinder AU 200 U
Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH & Stäubli, Oppenweiler, Germany
HygienicLine Dynamics for hygienic areas
Hosokawa Alpine AG, Augsburg, Germany
Sugarplex SX Flow: one-step manufacturing of storage-stable icing sugar
Baumer Electric AG, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
PAD20: analysis sensor for the detection of air and gas bubbles to prevent food waste and pump damage

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