Planterra Foods Showcases the Plant-based Chicken Cutlet

Colorado-based Planterra Foods is expanding its line of plant-based proteins with the first True Bite Plant-Based Chicken Cutlet on the market from brand OZO, as well as their new Plant-Based Chicken Shreds. These vegan and plant-based protein options will hit grocery store shelves nationwide in early 2022 and can be found in the fresh meat aisle.

Chicken is the number one consumed protein in the United States, according to a March 2021 study, with consistent popularity in restaurants, pop culture and at-home kitchens around the country. According to a press release, Planterra True Bite Chicken Cutlets and Shreds are innovative as they have the same whole muscle look, texture, taste and feel as its meat counterpart while remaining 100% plant-based, vegan, and non-GMO, and can be found in the fresh meat aisle. True Bite Chicken Cutlet and Shreds are also packed with protein, with more fiber and less fat than traditional meat sources. Both chicken products are pre-seasoned and ready to cook in just 10 minutes, so people have a simple, quick mealtime option they can feel good about feeding to their families. OZO™’s plant-based chicken products will be available in four seasoning options: Garlic & Herb Cutlet, Sea Salt & Pepper Cutlet, BBQ Shreds and Rotisserie-style Shreds.

“As time goes on, the demand for protein will only continue to increase and the world won’t be able to satisfy that demand with meat-based products alone,” Darcey Macken, Planterra Foods CEO said. “With chicken being the most popular protein in the United States, it was clear we needed to create a plant-based option where people don’t have to sacrifice this mealtime favorite and have a more sustainable option. Planterra is always aiming to provide delicious, sustainable solutions that are good for people and the planet, and our True Bite Chicken Cutlets and Shreds will do just that.”

The quick and easy plant-based proteins from Planterra offer an easy to make meal. Additional plant-based protein offerings from OZO include: Ground (12 oz.), Mexican-Seasoned Ground (12 oz.), Original Breakfast Sausages (4 patties per package), Italian Style Meatballs (12 per package), Frozen Smokehouse Burgers, Frozen Plant-Based Breakfast Sausages, and Frozen Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets.