Record Attendance for KÄLTEFORUM 2018


The partner associations Deutsches Tiefkühlinstitut (dti) and Verband Deutscher Kühlhäuser and Kühllogistik-unternehmen (VDKL) organized in November 6-7 the 14th edition of the KÄLTEFORUM in Dresden.

With over 200 registrations, the event was booked early and reached a new record attendance, according to the organizers. The symposium for temperature-controlled logistics underscored its position as a must-attend event.

The integrated trade exhibition reached a new level: 15 companies from the construction, energy and technology sectors around the telecommunications industry presented their product portfolio. In addition, numerous sponsors made their contribution to the success of the event.

The association’s managing director Sabine Eichner (dti) and Jan Peilnsteiner (VDKL) guided the participants through the conference program on the first day of the 14th KÄLTEFORUMS.

The KÄLTEFORUM was opened with the lecture by Christian Manderla (LogiPlan) and Dr. Ing. Roland Zimmerling (aio IT for Logistics) who presented the advantages and limitations of static and dynamic time window management systems as solutions to avoid bottlenecks at the ramp. The proposed IT solution could provide greater efficiency in the handling of loading and unloading, calculate the arrival time of the trucks at the ramp in advance and adapt in real time, depending on traffic conditions. Long waiting times and large parking spaces for the waiting trucks could be reduced.

Other highlights of the event included an insight into the possibilities of fully automatic mixed palletizing in frozen food logistics, provided by Dr. Ing. Christoph Meurer (Dematic) as well as the concept of time window management from the perspective of NORDFROST, presented by Christian Lürßen (IT Manager, NORDFROST)

In the lecture program, Karl-Heinz Neu (KUBIKx) presented how the logistics industry can and must continue to develop with innovative concepts. Founded by the parent company Schmitz Cargobull, the company is developing interdisciplinary new approaches at two locations – the whyit campus in Münster and the AHOY-Space in Berlin – using digital disruption techniques that can help customers avoid the looming logistics collapse.

The digital expert Dr. Tu-Lam Pham (digital IQ) not only showed the audience the current e-commerce trends from the USA and China, but also illustrated how the media and purchasing behavior will change rapidly in the future.

The German Frozen Food Institute (dti) and the German Cold Storage and Refrigerated Logistics Association (VDKL) have been organizing the KÄLTEFORUM together for 14 years now. The annual logistics specialist conference reaches numerous experts and decision-makers from the logistics and refrigeration industry with lectures and visits and has firmly established itself as a central, highly regarded industry conference.