Bridor Funds Expansion at Two Factories as It Turns 35


Bridor North America has announced an investment of CAD200m (USD150m) over a period of five years in its production plants on the continent.

In all, CAD170m has been earmarked for its Boucherville plant, in Quebec, Canada. At the end of the project, this substantial amount will have enabled the company to expand its building and install new production lines to increase its pastry production capacity by 68% as of next year. This is backed by a recruitment plan for the creation of nearly 200 jobs in Canada and the U.S. Fully half of those jobs will be in the Boucherville plant.

The new announcement consolidates the leadership position that Bridor has built in the industrial bakery sector over the 35 years of its existence in North America. “Bridor has been constantly innovating in a very competitive sector to maintain its sustained growth and leadership and continues to double its turnover every five years. With a worldwide presence, we want to continue to share our expertise with the largest number of people possible and keep offering our clients the best there is in terms of baked goods,” says Philippe Morin, Bridor’s general manager.

“Bridor’s success lies in the quality of its workforce, sense of innovation and state-of-the-art industrial technology. These assets enable us to offer the highest quality products which perfectly meet the needs of both local and international clients,” says Louis Le Duff, President and founder of the Le Duff Group and Bridor. This announcement is a reflection of the Group’s ambitions in North America, where it has a sales figure of USD1bn and Bridor expects an annual growth of 25%.

“This news is all the more encouraging because through this growth, we can foster solid and lasting relationships with our local business and economic partners. Our financial health allows us to remain a major employer on Montreal’s South Shore, in a strategic location just 15 minutes away from Montreal,” adds Pascale Closson-Duquette, vice-president and spokesperson for Bridor North America.

Bridor has more than 800 employees, of whom 600 work in Canada and 200 in the United States. The Boucherville plant is the only one benefiting from the unique expertise of an in-house research and development center featuring some 15 experienced bakers. Among its qualified workers, 30 quality control experts are on duty daily. In total, some 700 types of products bearing the Bridor name are made in Canada and the U.S.

Boucherville plant project is part of Bridor’s overall development strategy for North America and the world, the company announces. Investments will also be made at the same time in the U.S., in the Bridor plant in Vineland, New Jersey. North America is a key market for Bridor to reach the global EUR1bn turnover milestone set for 2021.