Pukka Extends Product Range

Chilled pie specialist Pukka has presented a trio of new recipes in a bid to drive further incremental sales for the Savoury Pastry sector – where the brand is already contributing more than half of total growth, according to IRI data.

Pukka’s demand-driven pair of new pie recipes comprise a first-to-market Pepperoni Pizza pie (intended to appeal equally to lovers of pizza and pies) and a traditional Northern favorite, Meat & Potato pie, with pie consumption at an all-time high. Along with that, a distinctive Pepperoni Pizza slice will be added to the brand’s wildly popular chilled portable savory pastry line, helping to increase the 70% additional spend that Pukka slices already generate by luring new customers to the savory pastry fixture.

“This latest wave of innovation is all part of our ambitious plans to ramp up visibility of savory pastry products across the store, and propel further category growth by only launching NPD that is insights-based, and rooted in a genuine shopper need,” explains Pukka’s Managing Director, Isaac Fisher. “That’s exactly why each of these new products hit a multitude of different need states – from those wanting to eat handheld products on the go, to families looking for full-meal solutions – because we know that’s the key to creating real cut-through with both new and existing shoppers.”

Find out more at: https://www.pukkapies.co.uk/