Upcoming Polaris Meetings Event to Take Place in Los Angeles

POLARIS MEETINGS is launching the 7th edition of the Polaris Pacific event that will take place in Los Angeles on November 29 and 30.

According to a press release, this 2023 edition will allow suppliers to meet the following buyers confirmed to date:
Andros, ASC, Champion Food Group, CH BELT, Danone, Erum Food System, Inabata, Infruit, Kataoka, Natural Ingredients, Orana, Otree Foods, Peter Igel, Reddy Raw, Restaurant Depot, Thrive Foods, Woo Yang Frozen Foods
It is an event for the IQF Fruits & Vegetables professionals only.

Suppliers, manufacturers, importers, buyers will be all gathered in the same hotel: the Westdrift of Manhattan Beach, according to the statement.

Their format is the well-known 30mn face-to-face type of event.

Find out more at: https://www.polarismeetings.com