DUBRULLE Group to acquire SAALTO, Extend its Range of Products

The French company SAALTO, which specializes in the automatic management of boxes for a complete tracking of the potato supply chain, is being acquired by the DUBRULLE group.

The professionalization and digitization of farms, the labor shortage, the adherence to codes of good agricultural practices, as well as the upgrading of the industry, are some of the current issues that potato farmers must overcome. In this situation, an autonomous management solution for the potato supply chain is ideal to deal with these changes.

Thanks to a proprietary, effective, and efficient approach, SAALTO is a pioneer in managing, monitoring, and automatically tracking the potato boxes. According to a company release, the box detection is autonomous and based on various algorithms; the operator does not need to manually intervene. All box movements are managed, tracked, and analyzed using the SAALTO solution. The producer can obtain real-time information on the stock situation and location as well as the many daily motions thanks to this logical and user-friendly solution. With a high degree of client satisfaction, SAALTO has additionally demonstrated the marketability of this solution.

The DUBRULLE business has played a significant role in the potato and other vegetable sectors since 1973. A pivotal move for the company was the acquisition of DOWNS in 2006, a producer of solutions for receiving and storing potatoes.

Following that, a plant was built in Sainte Marie Cappel, in the north of France, a design office was established, worldwide development began, and more generally, all levels of the company were upgraded. The DUBRULLE group’s growth strategy is being continued by the acquisition of SAALTO, which also brings in fresh expertise and technology. Combining the technological and human expertise of DOWNS and SAALTO will result in new advancements and integrations that will allow the company to provide its clients with solutions that are consistently more creative and effective.