Iceland Debuts Large-scale Frozen Range Update


Supermarket chain Iceland has announced the biggest shake up in its own-brand history with over 550 new and improved products launching in stores from September 2, 2019.

The product revamp is brought about by encouraging statistics. Frozen foods are witnessing a surge in popularity amongst discount shoppers, where 39% are now looking to save money by switching to frozen. Research conducted by Sheffield Hallam University suggested that switching to frozen food can reduce household food bills by as much as GBP250 a year.

Now Iceland has revealed that 550 lines will be unveiled, comprising of dishes well-known to customers which have been given a recipe revival alongside brand new ones customers are yet to discover.

“In response to the increase in demand for frozen food we are proud to be launching our biggest ever range of new and improved own label products and giving customers even more of what they want,” said Andrew Stainiland, director of Frozen at Iceland. “We undertook an intensive research project, analyzing our customer feedback and reviewing our product recipes to challenge each one, and we’re proud and confident that our new recipes and products will respond to customer trends,” explained Staniland.

The supermarket is also introducing a range of frozen Limited Edition products, which will be released throughout the coming months to provide a steady stream of new products for customers to try each week including options such as Steak and Stilton Pie to Frozen Pomegranate Seeds and Salt and Pepper Chips.

Iceland will launch over 500 Limited Edition products over the coming twelve months, reflecting an investment of around GBP2m in innovation.