SIAL Trends: Sustainability and Technology

SIAL Trends 2016

The final two trend directions for frozen food products to be showcased at SIAL, the largest food and beverage trade fair this year, taking place in Paris Oct.16-18, relate to food waste, packaging, provenance and technological innovation.

The list of trends compiled by research company XTC World Innovation includes two additional directions, namely food and sustainability, on the one hand and “the connected plate” on the other.

Sustainable development is a subject that concerns consumers around the world. The pleasure to buy, consume and discover a food product may diminish if the product does not meet this sustainability expectation. Where the urgency for manufacturers to combine pleasure and durability in all their innovations. Three strong trends illustrate this third act.

  • Zero Waste
  • Less Packaging
  • Preservation of Resources and Animal Welfare

These days, the internet is everywhere in our lives: in the office, at home, on the subway, during vacation, for shopping or social interaction purposes, etc. Similarly, consumers are likely to interact with brands in the tourism, luxury or automotive sector. But all these new technologies and digital habits have not yet had a significant impact on our food. Only searching for recipes over the web appears as a habit. Two trends question the integration of the digital world for the food products we buy every day.

  • Where does it come from?
  • Tech My Way

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