IPACK-IMA Set to Showcase Latest Technology for Grain-based Products

Grain-based food is not just a reflection of tradition, it is an evolving segment that is adapting to cultural influences and the connection of markets.

This aspect emerged clearly during the latest IPACK-IMA, which focused heavily on the segment, with significant numbers of high-profile global players and visitors.

In terms of turnout, 24% of the total visitors (one in four, then) were from this market, amounting to over 14,000 out of the approximately 60,000 in total that attended the fair.

As regards packaging machines, those designed for grain-based food – usually grouped with the pasta, bakery, and milling community at the fair – recorded mind-boggling numbers. In fact, the turnover in question amounted to 3.1 billion euros in 2022 alone, and is expected to grow by a further 3.5% for 2023-2027. Countries with the highest growth rate include Egypt with +5%, Brazil with +4.6%, and China with +4.5%. Italy leads production trends with a total turnover of 491 million euros, 190 companies operating in the sector, and an 68% share of exports, most of which are to the United States, Germany, and France. (Source: MECS).

Thanks also to the innovation capacity of businesses and their owners, Italy therefore emerges not only as the largest producer, exporter, and consumer, but also ranks first for packaging technologies. This unique combination of achievements – which only Italy can claim worldwide – makes IPACK-IMA an unmissable event for the entire production chain.

Find out more at: https://www.ipackima.it